Aldo & Kimo -A Little Hanky Panky

As many of the songs on Eclectic Collaborations were written and performed by both Kimo and I, these song writing collaborations brought out the best in him and I.  Kimo added many instrumental touches & textures to songs that I wrote, that absolutely gave some new dimensions to my songs that I really enjoyed. We became, over the last 8 months close when working together on this album. We would play off of each others idea’s and develop them into cohesive flowing songs. I would say adding the lyric’s was the most fun as we would come up with a name for the song and then just run with the lyric’s. Take the song “Hanky Panky” for instance, as we were writing this song Kimo said to me, ” it’s sounds like Hanky Panky”. The next night I was alone listening to the playback and the words for Hanky Panky just started to flow. The New York vibe and the feel of the city and looking to ,”Get me some” played in my mind. The next session I said to Kimo, “your voice is perfect for this song”, and I stuck a mic in front of his face and gave him the lyric’s. The first take was great, although a few of the lines didn’t mesh exactly as we wanted. A few tweaks here and there and Kimo’s gravely voice was perfect -Up on 96th Street, Good God!

Enjoy a Taste of “Hanky Panky” on You Tube Music

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