The question that I pose to you, “Did you ever have a love emergency?” Picture this-you just broke up with your significant other (yes, I have to be politically correct-what bullshit) and you feel unloved and you start to go into a depressive state. You think you are going to have a heart attack and you don’t know if you will survive without (Him or Her-LOL). What drugs can you take, your heart is palpitating, you might be ready to die!! Call the nurse, the doctor first-you are diagnosed that you need love urgently. As this is your love emergency.

A straight forward 4 quarter beat – with some nice back ground and chorus vocals. I fore see a great entertaining video to go along with this song., especially the way the lyric’s are written. I recently downloaded the whole new album, “This is My Life” on Soundcloud and some songs from Eclectic Collaborations and Aldo Buzzi “RAW”. Don’t know if you have ever been on Soundcloud? But it is a nice format for exposure.

Cover Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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“Soldiers of Death” 

 This is the only instrumental on the album

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Cover photo by HolKapil Dubey@kapildubey

 One Last Time as the Summer is Ending

Let’s go Surfing!

Figure we give it one last shot, or should we say “WAVE” while the weather is still hot and the water is even hotter!

Surfing was a song that was written in collaboration from my first band, The Lampshades. I came up with the bass riff and the band joined in and contributed to make the basics of the song. I wrote the lyrics and sung the song. This version still has the basic’s and lyrics intact, although it was re-imagined with some new twists to the song.

 Would like to thank all the Photographers from Unsplash for their awesome photos that were used in this video
 Julie Macey –
Teddy Kelly –                                                                       
Chris Osmond –                                                           
 Connor Murphy –                                                             
Abigail Lynn –                                                                     
 Vladimir  Kudinov –                                                           
 Joschko Hammermann –                                                 
Joey Pilgrim –                                                                 
 Christopher Campbell –                                     
Andes Wideskott –                                                             
 Frank McKenna –                                                               
Jade Rousseau –                                                         
 Sherry Zhu –                                                                       
Steve Halama –                                                                     
Patrick Tomasso –                                                               
Charisse Kenion –                                                                 
Yoann Boyer -                                           
Jeremy Bishop -
Zachary Shea@zacharyshea
I hope I got everyone — if i missed someone apologies

What a wild time in my life working and playing at the Mudd Club! My partner Bill and I through our sound system company Centour Sound became the production managers of the club after John Kessler was done doing his stint as the production manager. Just before John left we had the extreme pleasure of John, Bill and I working together to work with Frank Zappa who played the Mudd Club! We brought in extra equipment and a bigger mixing console to accommodate his band. Terry Bozzio was on the drums at that time. That was a thrill to work with a master in such a small venue. There is a sketchy bootleg, sounds to me like someone had a cassette tape recorder and taped it in the midst of the crowd. The recording is on you tube, I included the link – I remember that Frank had his own sound person do a recording right from the board, so that must be available somewhere in some Zappa archive.

We worked with a lot of different bands & artists from Samba to Punk, experimental to down right BAD–fashion shows and you name it everything in between. DJ’s Anita Sarko (who has passed away in 2015) and DJ David Azarch made the club hum, jump and jive into the wee hours of the morning. In which we usually ended up going to an after hours club and came out squinting as the sun was fully out and blaring while we were going home and watching the rest of the world just going to work.  I will add more Mudd Club memories in my blog as time goes by – Keith Herring, Johnny Thunders, Question Mark and the Mysterians, Sam and Dave, John Belushi, wow and so many – so stay tuned in! –



Back in my punk days, this is a hard driving tune that keeps moving from beginning to end. Heavy guitar and a steady 4/4 drum beat with a short lead burst in the middle of the song. Well it’s cleaner then The Ramones but similar in it’s simplicity. It only take a little under 3 minutes from start to finish.

I think I have some aspirations to make a video, so keep checking back as I have some idea’s what to film and how it should look.

Running Today

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Cover Photo by: Andy Beales Andy Beales

                Everybody Live Free – It’s our own Liberty – Toast a Drink come with me                   It’s the future we see

               Sailing across the Ocean – Skipping onto the bay – See your arms are open               Fill me with your sway

                Everybody join in – Let the world sing out – That’s the way it must be                    Stand up and listen to me

             There’s no time to explain – The human race is insane – One voice to be heard        Yes all over the world

            Let your voices be heard – Let the world shout out – Be defiant and strong                 Be determined for all

            The revolution is Now – The revolution is How – The revolution is Here                         Stand UP and Listen Right Now!



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Cover photo by: Andrej Lišakov

Heavy guitar licks and repetitive vocal lines leads this song as an anthem to the fight. The struggle of the every day that can be overcome if you fight through it. The every man’s mantra to persevere in all life’s adversities. Listen and get inspired to drive on and fight the fight to the end.

Fighting Man Song

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Cover Photo be: Jesse orrico

Da da Dee Da is a whimsical little number that the rhythm and vocals just keep laying over one and another. It started by me just playing an acoustic guitar riff over and over. As it progressed I tried adding lyrics but all I kept coming up with is DA da Dee Da in which mimicked the guitar riff. So I took the notes and added a horn section and layered that in the back ground. A sax solo fit in very melodically with that haunting like echo on it. I just kept laying vocals in all ranges and at one point I called my wife in and had her lay down a few vocal laying tracks. In fact the last vocal Da da Dee da you hear as all the other vocals fade out is my wife’s vocal. One thing about this song is that when you hear it once Da da Dee Da will stick in your head for the rest of the day.

Da da Dee Da


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Cover photo by: Jordan Sanchez@jordaneil