Surfing “One last Wave”

 One Last Time as the Summer is Ending

Let’s go Surfing!

Figure we give it one last shot, or should we say “WAVE” while the weather is still hot and the water is even hotter!

Surfing was a song that was written in collaboration from my first band, The Lampshades. I came up with the bass riff and the band joined in and contributed to make the basics of the song. I wrote the lyrics and sung the song. This version still has the basic’s and lyrics intact, although it was re-imagined with some new twists to the song.

 Would like to thank all the Photographers from Unsplash for their awesome photos that were used in this video
 Julie Macey –
Teddy Kelly –                                                                       
Chris Osmond –                                                           
 Connor Murphy –                                                             
Abigail Lynn –                                                                     
 Vladimir  Kudinov –                                                           
 Joschko Hammermann –                                                 
Joey Pilgrim –                                                                 
 Christopher Campbell –                                     
Andes Wideskott –                                                             
 Frank McKenna –                                                               
Jade Rousseau –                                                         
 Sherry Zhu –                                                                       
Steve Halama –                                                                     
Patrick Tomasso –                                                               
Charisse Kenion –                                                                 
Yoann Boyer -                                           
Jeremy Bishop -
Zachary Shea@zacharyshea
I hope I got everyone — if i missed someone apologies