Joe Z World Remembers “Vinyl Flesh”

Another treasure. After all these years – I can listen with different ears and I hear a Joe who liked writing lyrics, played little bits of show tunes, used unusual chords and sort of ‘chopped’ at the guitar. I’m still playing parts of show tunes and even MORE unusual chords and much crazier rhythms with a broader palette of sounds than I did . . . . let’s see . . . about 1985 or so? That’s 85-95 (10 years) 95-2005 (10 years) 2005-2015 (10 years) + 3 or 4 and that’s about 33 or 34 YEARS AGO!!!!!!
I started playing guitar at around 14 years old. So roughly 50 years ago. I should really be much better. I did give up playing guitar after Vinyl Flesh for about 7-8 years. But I played piano or keyboards instead so I really didn’t quit playing and totally  got into recording. I think you & I banged around a couple times over at the house you & Dena lived in. And we’re still doing it.
 There were 2 commonalities – you & Ken so there ya have it !
Enjoy – Vinyl Flesh “Archived Cassette Tapes”
“Talking in Lies”