Vinyl Flesh “Archived Cassette Tapes” “Walk and Talk”

Here is another song out of 3 songs that I stumbled across through my Vinyl Flesh cassette archives. As said in the previous post, The quality of the tapes over time has lost some of there dynamic’s, these tapes were home studio tapes that was just thrown in a cassette recorder for our rehearsals, they were done through the home mixing board at home studio, and the quality is definitely not pro-studio quality. I must point out these songs were all written and performed sometime in the early 1980’s.

JoeZworld Commented on finding these tapes: Aldo your playing, the style, it was a major element rather than just a bass guitar player thing. I’d forgotten that we were as tight as these recordings show. Above all I can appreciate the ‘sound’ we created – kind of like we bridged the end of ‘new wave’ with ‘classic funk’ with a sprinkle of ‘punk’ and a dash of ‘jazz’ and a pinch of ‘rock’. Certainly there were many changes and bridges that were almost classical probably showing how we were influenced by ‘progressive rock’ bands like Gabriel, Yes, Crimson, but also Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, The Tubes.

This song is sung by Kenny ” The Bird-man” Kern

Here you have

“Walk and Talk”


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