Vinyl Flesh “Archived Cassette Tapes” “Burning Bride”

This is just fucking crazy!!!! I have been looking for weeks through my old library of  cassette tapes, actually looking for a song that my VF band wrote that I desperately want to re-do because it is really frigging awesome, “She’s So Tall”. But alas, I can’t find it.      Although -Lo and behold I came across a Bunch of material that I have literally and totally forgot about. The quality of the tapes over time has lost some dynamic’s, although these tapes were home studio tapes that was just thrown in a cassette recorder for the rehearsals, Albeit through the mixing board at home, they are not full mastered pro-studio quality. This shit is really good and Vinyl Flesh had a great sound that was funky, punky, cool and tight.

This song is sung by JoeZworld, it was written about how in India women are made to marry in pre-arranged marriages and bride-burning occurs when a young woman is murdered by her husband or his family for her family’s refusal to pay additional dowry. Yes that sucks!!!

Here you have


Cover Photo by SAAD (Unsplashed)