About Aldo Buzzi

Aldo Buzzi music comes from many influences – Pink Floyd, Genesis, Bowie, T Rex, Iggy Pop, Frank Zappa from classical to the 50’s and the ratpack sandwiched in between, basically listened to just about everything. I write and compose music, sing, play bass guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion. The only lessons I ever had was on the drums. Playing by ear and feeling,  if it sounds good that is what you get. In the mid late 70’s I co-owned a sound system company, Centour Sound in New York that also exposed me to many bands and artists from the city and Long Island. I was the production Manager (with my partner) at the famed Mudd Club and played there among many other well known clubs of the 70’s and 80’s in New York City and Long Island. Two distinct bands that I formed were The Lampshades and Vinyl Flesh. The Lampshades had a 45 out that was recorded at Radio City Music Hall studios in 1981. Knee deep, I lived and breathed music for many years, well into my late 30’s. I took a hiatus as I really became disillusioned with the industry and the bullshit that was the music scene in the 90’s and in the first decade of the millennium. Then in and around 2011 I started to recapture my music mojo and started writing and playing for myself. That then began my journey back into music with a whole new attitude, playing and writing was fun again and I felt my creativity explode.

Now I’m back, so sit back and listen to Aldo Music from 45 years ago right up to today with new and exciting music for what I hope all of you will enjoy and become part of your life.

All the best from

Aldo Buzzi