There where many mainstays at Max’s Kansas City back in the early mid to late 70’s. When I was either working as a production hand or just hanging out at Max’s, One of my favorite’s was  “Mink DeVille”. Just a cool sharp rock n roll band with an ethnic punky flair that combined Spanish, Cajun and zydeco influences that was all new to me. Willy Deville, the leader of the band brought in this style that was unique as it was sharp and cutting edge for that time period. The band drew from many sources including Latin music, French creole ballads, New Orleans funk and Cajun accordion music. Just down right fun music to listen and dance too! Willy was born William Borsey in Stamford, Conn. and at a young age of 17 starting hanging out in Greenwich Village and down on the lower east side where he learned to play guitar and started performing. He was in several bands before he formed the Mink Deville band. I couldn’t even tell you and don’t even know the names of those bands Willy played in and what influenced him in those early stages. Willy was a sharp dresser and played the part to the “T”. From his dark slim tight fitting suits, thin tie and his pointed black dress shoe’s – he screamed Rock and Roll in a punkish sort of way.

The group recorded their first album “Cabretta” in 1977. Two of its tracks,  “Spanish Stroll”, – and O and Moon Martin’s, “Cadillac Walk” became minor hits but gave the band a springboard into a fairly modest model of fame in the New York music scene.

For the most part that was my experience with Willy & Mink Deville, although I thoroughly enjoyed the band and their front man “Willy Deville”.

Sadly, Willy DeVille died on August 9th of 2009, of pancreatic cancer. His adventurous forays into rhythm and blues, Cajun music and salsa made him one of the most original figures of the New York punk scene of the 1970s, He was 58 when he died.

Note: I found all these pictures from the internet – as I have none of my own from that time period, as who the hell carried a camera around with them back in the late 70’s and 80’s and of course cell phones did not exist! So thanks to all who took these pictures and full credit is deserved.

This Is My Life

A straightforward tune that might be
its own anthem asserting: “this is your moment”
and fortifying its message with a strong double-
tracked main vocal. There appears to be some
beat anomalies though one never knows if these
are intentionally placed or artifacts from a rebellious
effect plug or two.

The instrumental break is sparse and somewhat disembodied
and the lyrics perhaps a bit redundant. The sound is more
’neo-garage’ then it is ‘recording studio’ polished but allowances
should always be made as this is part of the ‘appeal’ of Buzzi’s
songwriting style.

One wonders if the author was up against a deadline
(self-imposed or otherwise)to complete it – There’s ‘more to this life’
than we are given here both thematically and stylistically.
Perhaps the entertainment adage to
‘always leave the audience wanting more’ has been employed
here with skilled hands (and ears) and for those die-hard fans
of Buzzi’s music out there ‘This Is My Life’ might be
the sonnet they’ve been waiting for. – JoeZworld

The Title Track “This is My Life”

Photo by Simon Noh on Unsplash

The premises of this song is about a dude that can’t find love and it becomes an emergency case of NO LOVE. The song first starts with him getting brought by ambulance to the hospital. Once there, the nurse and doctor does not know how to treat him. Later in the song he takes over talking about his love emergency. I have so many idea’s on this one to be a video in the near future.

It’s not too late to help my emergency to get play on spotify

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Cover Photo by Marc Schaefer on Unsplash

Back in my punk days, this is a hard driving tune that keeps moving from beginning to end. Heavy guitar and a steady 4/4 drum beat with a short lead burst in the middle of the song. Well it’s cleaner then The Ramones but similar in it’s simplicity. It only take a little under 3 minutes from start to finish.

I think I have some aspirations to make a video, so keep checking back as I have some idea’s what to film and how it should look.

Running Today

To Purchase the complete album CD or for download go to:

Cover Photo by: Photo by Steven Erixon on Unsplash

Here is another song out of 3 songs that I stumbled across through my Vinyl Flesh cassette archives. As said in the previous post, The quality of the tapes over time has lost some of there dynamic’s, these tapes were home studio tapes that was just thrown in a cassette recorder for our rehearsals, they were done through the home mixing board at home studio, and the quality is definitely not pro-studio quality. I must point out these songs were all written and performed sometime in the early 1980’s.

JoeZworld Commented on finding these tapes: Aldo your playing, the style, it was a major element rather than just a bass guitar player thing. I’d forgotten that we were as tight as these recordings show. Above all I can appreciate the ‘sound’ we created – kind of like we bridged the end of ‘new wave’ with ‘classic funk’ with a sprinkle of ‘punk’ and a dash of ‘jazz’ and a pinch of ‘rock’. Certainly there were many changes and bridges that were almost classical probably showing how we were influenced by ‘progressive rock’ bands like Gabriel, Yes, Crimson, but also Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, The Tubes.

This song is sung by Kenny ” The Bird-man” Kern

Here you have

“Walk and Talk”


Cover Photo by:

Plink is an experimental instrumental song -specifically done to be for this stop motion video I put together. It was a spur of the moment idea of art and music coming together over the course of one evening. It took me a total of about 6 hours to create without a storyboard. Just a thought in my head and a recorded soundtrack to inspire creativity. All done on an Ipad, a string of pearls on the kitchen table with a green screen background.

Please Enjoy


Plink is a music blip in the universe created with stop motion video 

Yes –you heard it

Starting some new projects

You might ask what are you doing now Aldo Buzzi?

My thoughts are with this project is to explore many genres and styles of music I have not done before. I like to experiment and I think a lot of my music is based on different styles.

You may disagree and I would welcome comments on what do you think?                          Is Aldo Music different in some ways or do I have a distinct style?

I’ve been recently listening to Sirius radio, “Little Stevens Underground Garage”. They have been playing a lot of older, but great stuff that you don’t hear on just about all of the regular radio channels.

I also like Latin beats and rhythms, I think i’ll add some of that in too. I want to bring in some different vocal styles and have some musician friends sing on some songs, I think that would also add some different textures to my songs. Some many idea’s, running through my head, I just have to tackle them one at a time and develop them into credible music.

So let’s take this date of May 18th 2018 and use it as a jumping off point for this project to officially begin. I’m thinking we are looking at a early 2019 release, give or take a few months, you never know as I already have 2 songs in the hopper that I really like. They both just need a little more work and refining.

1st song is “The Women in My Life”

2nd song is “U  R  I  AM”

Keep on logging in to the site – I will keep everyone updated

My New release, “Aldo Buzzi -Eclectic Collaborations” has gotten some good Radio airplay and is getting some notice oversea’s in countries like Japan, Israel, Australia, UK, Philippines and Taiwan are leading the way with many plays and downloads. Here in North America, the United States is leading the way and I would personally like to thank everyone in the states for listening and downloading my music with Canada and Mexico right behind the US with some great play.

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