Frank Zappa at the MUDD Club

On Facebook the other day my buddy Bill and partner from Centour sound company that we co-owned in New York city back in the late 70’s early to mid 80’s posted some archival video footage from YouTube when Frank Zappa played the Mudd Club in May of 1980. The quality of this video and sound is really good. John K, Bill and I did the sound production in the Mudd club at that venue and were so excited to be able to work the sound for Frank Zappa on that day, Incredible!!! John K. was the production manager at the club at the time and Bill, and I assisted with the set-up of sound equipment and stage setup. Not too long after that show, Bill and I took over the production management of the Mudd club and we have some fantastic stories from those days at the club! In fact, Bill met his wife there, Nancy – she was one of the bartenders. Bill about a year or so into that gig, went overseas to do some touring work with Motorhead, as I continued working the club and playing in the city and Long Island with my first band the Lampshades.

There has been in the past few years a few videos that have surfaced of that show, but the quality of the video and sound was not too good, and they all are just based off of the Mudd Club song that Frank wrote – nothing of anything else he played that night. If I recall correctly, he played 1 set for about 2 hours. Would love to see some other footage if anyone has that.

I included the video that appeared 5 days ago.

Enjoy the master that is ” FRANK ZAPPA”!

Here is another video that came out around 4 years ago of the same song – as said, the quality isn’t as good – There are a lot of still photo shots of the club – In one you see a rack of Crown amplifiers that we specifically installed in the club. This video is a little longer also.