Pink Monkey


On a business trip to Chicago a few years back, I had a riff that was sticking in my head from the start of my trip. I was only going to be in Chicago for about 4 days. I’ll tell you something about the windy city, there are plenty of cool blues and jazz clubs that you have to go to, to immerse yourself in the flavor of the city. I was privileged and able to go to just 2 in my 4 day stay. The first one is called B.L.U.E.S., in which is a small club with a tiny intimate stage that packs them in nightly to hear some real great players. Lot’s of local musicians play there as well as some up and coming newbies – don’t miss that club. Another club I was able to check out was Rosa’s Lounge in which , I thought was blues at it’s best. There is so many other clubs I would liked to have visited–but alas 4 days and on a business trip, I just could not do it, as they say it, “there’s always next time”. Well back to the riff in my head. As said, the whole trip and my club hopping brought me around to thinking how I can tie this riff into a song. So with the riff in my head, I wanted to get back home to my studio to see what I could work out. Wait a second – if I have a riff, what about some lyric’s? My trip to Chicago was coming to an end and I summoned up an Uber on my Iphone to take me back to the airport and home. The Uber picked me up and we proceeded to drive through town and onto the freeway towards Midway airport. Then I saw it – First one billboard than another ” Pink Monkey” it was a strip club – I fell in love!!!!!  (not only with the strip club by the name Pink Monkey)

Now I got my inspiration mojo to start feverishly writing. I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper from my brief case and started to Pen the lyric’s – Ohh – The Pink Monkey – as I got to the plane it struck me from where my journey started and where I would end back to. New York to Chicago (and a layover in) Baltimore to get back to New York the words just flowed out as I sat in (BWI) Baltimore Airport waiting for my flight back to New York.

Please Enjoy 

“The Pink Monkey”