Knowledge is Power is one of my favorite songs on the album. The heavy guitar riff leading into the vocals just works so well. The lyrics are interesting as the main guitar riff lends itself to the key vocal line, “knowledge is power”. The full lyric verses were a little more difficult to come up with. I knew what I wanted to convey and say but I could not come up with the words to convey it. Thus, let’s go to google and put in the phrase, “Knowledge is Power”. So many different idea’s started to form around that phrase. The actual phrase was formulated by philosopher Francis Bacon during the time of Enlightenment. I was immersed in many different ways to convey “Knowledge is Power” but now I had to make the words fit into the song and for it to make sense (at least to me). After I got the first verse down and the phrasing to the music, it all clicked and fit in. One of my favorite lines in the song is, “Putting our knowledge we know, In the hands of machines”. The guitar lead comes after the 3rd verse, it follows the acoustic guitar and then comes in heavy and eclectic. Listen to the words as the meanings are profound.

Knowledge is POWER

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Cover photo by: Roman Kraft@romankraft

                Everybody Live Free – It’s our own Liberty – Toast a Drink come with me                   It’s the future we see

               Sailing across the Ocean – Skipping onto the bay – See your arms are open               Fill me with your sway

                Everybody join in – Let the world sing out – That’s the way it must be                    Stand up and listen to me

             There’s no time to explain – The human race is insane – One voice to be heard        Yes all over the world

            Let your voices be heard – Let the world shout out – Be defiant and strong                 Be determined for all

            The revolution is Now – The revolution is How – The revolution is Here                         Stand UP and Listen Right Now!



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Cover photo by: Andrej Lišakov

As many of the songs on Eclectic Collaborations were written and performed by both Kimo and I, these song writing collaborations brought out the best in him and I.  Kimo added many instrumental touches & textures to songs that I wrote, that absolutely gave some new dimensions to my songs that I really enjoyed. We became, over the last 8 months close when working together on this album. We would play off of each others idea’s and develop them into cohesive flowing songs. I would say adding the lyric’s was the most fun as we would come up with a name for the song and then just run with the lyric’s. Take the song “Hanky Panky” for instance, as we were writing this song Kimo said to me, ” it’s sounds like Hanky Panky”. The next night I was alone listening to the playback and the words for Hanky Panky just started to flow. The New York vibe and the feel of the city and looking to ,”Get me some” played in my mind. The next session I said to Kimo, “your voice is perfect for this song”, and I stuck a mic in front of his face and gave him the lyric’s. The first take was great, although a few of the lines didn’t mesh exactly as we wanted. A few tweaks here and there and Kimo’s gravely voice was perfect -Up on 96th Street, Good God!

Enjoy a Taste of “Hanky Panky” on You Tube Music

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Come everyone!

We need all our friends, family, next of kin, your next door neighbor, the guy panhandling on the street, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your kids,-SHIT we need everyone to help make this a success story and share the love and the music.

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Eclectic Collaborations
Eclectic Collaborations

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“Soldiers of Death” 

 This is the only instrumental on the album

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Today it is the release of my 2nd album “Eclectic Collaborations”. The single, “Surfing” with a video was just released last Saturday the 10th. The album will be distributed on CDbaby, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, AWA, Google Music Store, iHeart Radio, Pandora, SHAZAM, Slacker Radio, YouTube Music, Jango Radio among many others worldwide. Click on the CDbaby link below to purchase the CD or for digital download through CDbaby.

We should have some digital distributors releasing today – but keep checking with your favorite download site – Key word lookup “Aldo Buzzi”

Eclectic Collaborations
Eclectic Collaborations


Enjoy the Music!


 The release of the first single off of “Electric Collaborations”


Surfing was a song that was written in collaboration from my first band, The Lampshades. I came up with the bass riff and the band joined in and contributed to make the basics of the song. I wrote the lyrics and sung the song. This version still has the basic’s and lyrics intact, although it was re-imagined with some new twists to the song.


Would like to thank all the Photographers from Unsplash for their awesome photos that were used in this video

 Julie Macey –                                                                        Teddy Kelly –                                                                       Chris Osmond –                                                             Connor Murphy –                                                               Abigail Lynn –                                                                           Vladimir  Kudinov –                                                                      Joschko Hammermann –                                              Joey Pilgrim –                                                                    Christopher Campbell –                                        Andes Wideskott –                                                                Frank McKenna –                                                              Jade Rousseau –                                                          Sherry Zhu –                                                                   Steve Halama –                                                               Patrick Tomasso –                                                          Charisse Kenion –                                                                 Yoann Boyer -                                                               Jeremy Bishop -

I hope I got everyone — if i missed someone apologies








Feel the Music 

A collaboration of eclectic styles from many different influences over the course of this musical journey. This album has two other artists that helped me envision this project with two very different styles. From Straight forward rock and roll to some Tom Petty, Dylanist feeling songs and then we twist you around to some very progressive more intricate songs and sounds. As the music comes together and flows from one song into another the collaboration works extremely well and the feelings that are brought out are genuine and timeless.

To be Release soon!

Eclectic Collaborations
Eclectic Collaborations


14 songs in this Eclectic Collaboration with the help of musicians, Kimo and Joezworld   

Make sure you are tuned in on Saturday 2/10/2018 for the first single and video release of


The second collaborator  on the “Eclectic Collaborations” CD is Joezworld. Mr “Z” contributed 2 songs and the art work for the cover, back cover and the background art  work on the CD.


Joezworld (Joe Menghini) whom I have known since the late 70’s. Has been in a few different very cutting edge bands, Rise, Master Radio Canaries and Vinyl Flesh (VF Joe and I were in this band together). Multi talented in music and art, “Z” strives for excellence at every turn.

photo (19)

“Z”‘s early influences were the Beatles, Stones, Mamas & Papas, typical to the late 60’s. Then Z turned to the blues with the like’s of Muddy Waters, BB King and Motown. Following that exposure a few friends of his turned him onto Soft Machine, Van Der Graff Generator a far cry from his beginnings.  A music teacher at Mineola High School,  Burt Sachs was the most influential mentor, he lured him into Ives, Stockhausen, Scriabin, Xenakis, Mozart, Stravinsky and John Cage. That was then countered with exposure to Zappa, Phillip Glass, Captain Beefheart.  The Kessler brothers got him into Genesis (which he despised) but later Gabriel (who he adored), Bowie, Gentle Giant, among others in that genre. Another long time friend then pulled the ultimate coup-de-tas and got him going with avante-garde jazz at Studio Rivbea at 24 Bond Street. And that took him to John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, Miles Davis, Don Cherry, McCoy Tyner, Cecil Taylor, the fabulous bassist David Holland and that gang.

His musical life was never the same after that!

As for art, Z started college at Nassau Community College as an art student, became a non-matriculating student of art at Hofstra and studied under the famous black artist ‘Robert Carter’. Z stated he was an asshole and he almost came to blows with Mr. Carter. So at the behest of the faculty he agreed to an ‘incomplete’ for his course, but his taste and desire to create his own world of art was set – Thus “Joezworld” began.

I know there will be future collaborations that we will work on


Thanks Joezworld!