Da da Dee Da

Da da Dee Da is a whimsical little number that the rhythm and vocals just keep laying over one and another. It started by me just playing an acoustic guitar riff over and over. As it progressed I tried adding lyrics but all I kept coming up with is DA da Dee Da in which mimicked the guitar riff. So I took the notes and added a horn section and layered that in the back ground. A sax solo fit in very melodically with that haunting like echo on it. I just kept laying vocals in all ranges and at one point I called my wife in and had her lay down a few vocal laying tracks. In fact the last vocal Da da Dee da you hear as all the other vocals fade out is my wife’s vocal. One thing about this song is that when you hear it once Da da Dee Da will stick in your head for the rest of the day.

Da da Dee Da


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Cover photo by: Jordan Sanchez@jordaneil