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Multipliers can be calculated to analyze the effects

A multiplier value of 2x would therefore have the result of doubling effect.

 A multiplier is simply a factor that amplifies or increase the base value of something else

What Is the Multiplier Effect?

The multiplier effect refers to the proportional amount of increase, or decrease, in final results from an injection, or withdrawal.

The question that I pose to you, “Did you ever have a love emergency?” Picture this-you just broke up with your significant other (yes, I have to be politically correct-what bullshit) and you feel unloved and you start to go into a depressive state. You think you are going to have a heart attack and you don’t know if you will survive without (Him or Her-LOL). What drugs can you take, your heart is palpitating, you might be ready to die!! Call the nurse, the doctor first-you are diagnosed that you need love urgently. As this is your love emergency.

A straight forward 4 quarter beat – with some nice back ground and chorus vocals. I fore see a great entertaining video to go along with this song., especially the way the lyric’s are written. I recently downloaded the whole new album, “This is My Life” on Soundcloud and some songs from Eclectic Collaborations and Aldo Buzzi “RAW”. Don’t know if you have ever been on Soundcloud? But it is a nice format for exposure.

Cover Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

“Another” was written with this neat plugin called Dark Theory. It has some, (I think) Pink Floyd overtones to it, obviously “another” one of my earlier influences. It has a progression that meanders through the atmosphere with some background tones from the Dark Theory. This is a full on instrumental that you need to crank the volume, smoke a joint and be immersed in “Another” time and space continuum.

Cover Photo by Tyler van der Hoeven on Unsplash

Sex & Train wrecks

With its 2 bar cowbell intro ‘Sex & Trainwrecks’
might have gone in a different direction but, true to form, it quickly
becomes familiar Aldo Buzzi fare. The tune takes a melancholy theme
and punctuates it rhythmically with a post-punk architecture and a
Caribbean undertone. As regards the lyrics the listener asks who
are the victims? The rule of ‘poetic license’ is applied heavily and
as always in Aldo’s material there may not be any ‘straight line’ lyrical
commentary – whereas one might associate the sound of a train wreck with a cacophony of screeching, crushing and twisting metal this track maintains
a steady rhythmic 4/4 beat -train wrecks are probably not agreeable to
rhythmic consonance.

The intertwining instrumental layering is familiar and against the cadence
of the lyrics we are met with an Edgar Allen Poe-esque tapestry of the
dead possibly dreaming and the question answers itself by asking if
the dead still dream. It’s an interesting set-up of superpositions
as our subjects appear (at least in the words) to be both dead and alive.
Thus a moderately tempered tune has more depth than the main thematic
material implies. This listener found it a little trancy and ‘retro’ – I hear
‘post punker’ ghosts responding and the outro of this tune is in lock-step
with the very movement that gave it life. – Joezworld June 2019

Sex an Trainwrecks

When you’re in the coffin of life. What do you dream when you’re feet under?

Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

Fortune and Fame is a collaboration song that was written mainly by JoeZworld. He actually wrote everything and the lyric’s. Then I went in and paginated, did the phrasing of the lyric’s and sung the song, did all the production mixing and mastering. The music is awesome and I really like the chorus part that flows so well.

Enjoy a JoeZworld/Aldo Collaboration!

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Cover Photo by:    Wyron A@wyron

As many of the songs on Eclectic Collaborations were written and performed by both Kimo and I, these song writing collaborations brought out the best in him and I.  Kimo added many instrumental touches & textures to songs that I wrote, that absolutely gave some new dimensions to my songs that I really enjoyed. We became, over the last 8 months close when working together on this album. We would play off of each others idea’s and develop them into cohesive flowing songs. I would say adding the lyric’s was the most fun as we would come up with a name for the song and then just run with the lyric’s. Take the song “Hanky Panky” for instance, as we were writing this song Kimo said to me, ” it’s sounds like Hanky Panky”. The next night I was alone listening to the playback and the words for Hanky Panky just started to flow. The New York vibe and the feel of the city and looking to ,”Get me some” played in my mind. The next session I said to Kimo, “your voice is perfect for this song”, and I stuck a mic in front of his face and gave him the lyric’s. The first take was great, although a few of the lines didn’t mesh exactly as we wanted. A few tweaks here and there and Kimo’s gravely voice was perfect -Up on 96th Street, Good God!

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