Blogger Challenge

The release of my new album (CD) has been a labor to get bloggers to pick it up, review and help an indie artist out. It’s sure seems like most of the bloggers are more interested in charging some sort of fee to promote new music instead of sincerely wanting to get new music out to the masses and help many long laboring musicians and artists get exposure. I sincerely question their motives of why are you doing a blog in the first place? Being an older musician that has been around for a while and has seen a tremendous amount of really talented musicians and artists try to get exposure and in many cases NOT to seek fame and fortune, but to just share the pure enjoyment of people appreciating their talents. Bloggers are you interested in being a part of honestly reviewing and getting an indie artist exposure or are you out to make money off of them (note in more cases then not that artist has little money to spare if any). Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand some bloggers make a living off of blogging, although I still challenge them to look inside themselves and ask why they started blogging to begin with. I’ll bet most bloggers started with a passion to write some interesting article or review and expose some new (or old) artist or musician or subject manner that at one time or another they were passionate about.

So to that end – This a a Blogger challenge  –

Bloggers, ask yourself? Were did you start from and what are you given back to your passion? Is it worth every once in a while to pay it forward and give an artist a plug – Just because you feel that they are worthy in your eyes to get some exposure.