Shake It

Have you heard of an older band from Bay City in Michigan, “Question Mark and the Mysterians”? They were kinda a one hit wonder back in the early mid 60’s. Actually if you read up on that band, some say they were kinda the precursor to early punk bands with a very different and unique sound. When I was working at the Mudd club in New York City as the production manager, Steve Maas (owner of the Mudd Club) had booked the band to play on a Saturday night. I distinctly remember the hit song 96 tears and loved the Farfisa organ in the song and the texture and sound that added to make the song great. When writing shake it, that organ riff type and sound stuck with me as I incorporate  a similar sound style into this song called Shake It. It really has an upbeat tempo and very danceable and just plan friggin fun. Listen to the words, I call my baby, sweetheart, darling and the best line towards the end of the song, ” just like dripping honey!”

Enjoy and Dance to this Youtube Music Clip of


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