Who are the Collaborators? Part 2

The second collaborator  on the “Eclectic Collaborations” CD is Joezworld. Mr “Z” contributed 2 songs and the art work for the cover, back cover and the background art  work on the CD.


Joezworld (Joe Menghini) whom I have known since the late 70’s. Has been in a few different very cutting edge bands, Rise, Master Radio Canaries and Vinyl Flesh (VF Joe and I were in this band together). Multi talented in music and art, “Z” strives for excellence at every turn.

photo (19)

“Z”‘s early influences were the Beatles, Stones, Mamas & Papas, typical to the late 60’s. Then Z turned to the blues with the like’s of Muddy Waters, BB King and Motown. Following that exposure a few friends of his turned him onto Soft Machine, Van Der Graff Generator a far cry from his beginnings.  A music teacher at Mineola High School,  Burt Sachs was the most influential mentor, he lured him into Ives, Stockhausen, Scriabin, Xenakis, Mozart, Stravinsky and John Cage. That was then countered with exposure to Zappa, Phillip Glass, Captain Beefheart.  The Kessler brothers got him into Genesis (which he despised) but later Gabriel (who he adored), Bowie, Gentle Giant, among others in that genre. Another long time friend then pulled the ultimate coup-de-tas and got him going with avante-garde jazz at Studio Rivbea at 24 Bond Street. And that took him to John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, Miles Davis, Don Cherry, McCoy Tyner, Cecil Taylor, the fabulous bassist David Holland and that gang.

His musical life was never the same after that!

As for art, Z started college at Nassau Community College as an art student, became a non-matriculating student of art at Hofstra and studied under the famous black artist ‘Robert Carter’. Z stated he was an asshole and he almost came to blows with Mr. Carter. So at the behest of the faculty he agreed to an ‘incomplete’ for his course, but his taste and desire to create his own world of art was set – Thus “Joezworld” began.

I know there will be future collaborations that we will work on


Thanks Joezworld!