Noise Fest

Noise Fest was an event put together by a friend Thurston Moore that was one of the founding members of the band Sonic Youth. The event was held at White Columns in which is New York’s oldest alternative art space. It was founded in 1970 by Jeffrey Lew and Gordon Matta-Clark as an experimental platform for artists. Originally located in SoHo, the organization was renamed White Columns when it moved to Spring Street in 1979. Thurston invited over 26 bands and solo artist’s to play at the event over the course, if i’m not mistaken 9 days. Our sound system company Centour Sound (Bill Veldran and Myself) provided and donated the PA system and the staff to hook the event up and provide the live engineering. It was an event of many artist’s musicians in the underground music scene in New York. Click on link to see who played there, also there is a bunch of thumbnail audio’s of most of the bands that played at the event. The Lampshades played on one of the last day’s of the Fest. Also another band that played there was IMA in later years the guitarist Joe “Zworld” became a member of the Vinyl Flesh Band. Check out the link below – You can hear some of the bands that are on the cassette that was produced from the event. The Lampshades was the last band and song on the cassette, it was listed as Banana in essence it is Banana Rock in which you can see the video (produced by me) and hear the song from the band on this blog (go to Lampshades Video and Music drop-down).