How do you know if you have a good song title and the song has good lyrics? Well isn’t that the fifty five thousand dollar question?

Working on this new album in which all the songs are finish (with names I must say) I have not yet come up with a name for the album. So let me go into how I name songs as I write them. Believe it or not, all of the songs I write I first throw a random name on my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) as a placeholder, a thought, an object just a random name. Sometimes that random name sticks and it becomes the name and the muse for the lyric’s yet to be written. Sometimes I have the lyric’s and one line or word in the lyric’s becomes the songs name and then sometimes it’s just a feel of the song and that becomes the name.

The name for the album on the other hand is a greater bigger picture. It has to encompass the whole album and what it stands for or the vibe and feel of what it needs to convey. Take the first album I put out a few years back, “TEST DRIVE RAW”, as it was my first solo album and published music in a long while, I felt it was a test drive to see where I was at musically and the raw feel of the album fit the way the music was on the album. Raw and basically uncut with minimal production quality, thus Test Drive Raw.


The second album, “Eclectic Collaborations” was a collection of music collaborated with other musicians. So I wanted to convey that it didn’t have a common theme and each song had a different feel.

Eclectic Collaborations

The third album was more about experiences in my life thus the album name, “This is My Life” Welcome to it. Many musicians have different ways to come up with names of songs and titles, lyric’s come from many different sources as do names and titles.

“This is My Life – Welcome to it”

To the end of it all within the next few months you will find out what the name of the new album will be named!

Noise Fest was an event put together by a friend Thurston Moore that was one of the founding members of the band Sonic Youth. The event was held at White Columns in which is New York’s oldest alternative art space. It was founded in 1970 by Jeffrey Lew and Gordon Matta-Clark as an experimental platform for artists. Originally located in SoHo, the organization was renamed White Columns when it moved to Spring Street in 1979. Thurston invited over 26 bands and solo artist’s to play at the event over the course, if i’m not mistaken 9 days. Our sound system company Centour Sound (Bill Veldran and Myself) provided and donated the PA system and the staff to hook the event up and provide the live engineering. It was an event of many artist’s musicians in the underground music scene in New York. Click on link to see who played there, also there is a bunch of thumbnail audio’s of most of the bands that played at the event. The Lampshades played on one of the last day’s of the Fest. Also another band that played there was IMA in later years the guitarist Joe “Zworld” became a member of the Vinyl Flesh Band. Check out the link below – You can hear some of the bands that are on the cassette that was produced from the event. The Lampshades was the last band and song on the cassette, it was listed as Banana in essence it is Banana Rock in which you can see the video (produced by me) and hear the song from the band on this blog (go to Lampshades Video and Music drop-down).



Now that we had the recording where do we go to press and get artwork for the cover? On Long Island at the time in 1981 there was a small record pressing company called PRI. They would do small run vinyl at about $1500 – small run to them was about 500 45’s. In which was pretty inexpensive considering the pressing and the cover sleeve print full 4 color press. Also when I went in to talk to them about the pressing, I figured let me ask them if all 4 songs could be pressed on a 45. Never thought that they would say yes as I never heard of a 45 with 4 songs, but as said they said “YES” so 4 songs on a 45 was going to happen. We hired a friend of a friend, a student artist Brain Patrick Murray to design the front cover for $50 and I took the picture for the back cover of a lampshade store in Franklin Square. Andy Blinx put the “Not Sold Separately” sign into the back cover picture and the lettering and credits. There you have it, the artwork was done for the sleeve cover.                                      Let the presses ROLL!

Go to the Music Drop-down

Click on Lampshades to Listen to the music from the 45! 

lampshade cover                                                               lampshade back cover

It took us about 4 sessions between 2 weeks to complete the recording’s. Lot’s of fun, it really was an experience that I will never forget, if I can remember anything at all (lots of drugs and alcohol). There was also some instruments in the studio that was at our disposal, Piano, Vibes and some percussion items. We recorded the masters on 2″ tape reels  – Do these exist anymore?

All said and done, “The Lampshades” recorded at Radio City Music Hall, that in itself was a moment in time that few get to do. As so many celebrities, famous artists, and the Rockettes (in which I really never understood the fascination) except they are all hot chic’s and their leg kicks are amazing, went through those doors of that famous iconic theatre.

model sexy kicking
This NOT a Rockette!!

image3 (7)
Don Hunnerburg at the Radio City Studio Mixing Console 

After playing the Bar scene for a few years we finally had enough cash to start on the 45′. Andy Blinx a good friend, fellow musician and artist had an in at Radio City Music hall with the engineer Don Hunnerburg. So we took some of the bar cash equity to record 4 songs at the Radio City studio’s shooting to do a 45 record on our own. We invited John Kessler along to help with the production on the mix. We had the mindset to record 4 songs and pick the best 2 to put on the 45 and release. Out of our repertoire of about 12 originals at the time, we picked the best 4. They were, Kangaroo, Space Trot, Banana Rock and Situation. The recording sessions began albeit from 12 midnight until 4 am. That’s the time we could get for about next to nothing in cost as the studio was vacant at that time slot.

image2 (8)
Pete playing Vibes -Gary & Andy Blinx (in the back) watches

Searching the world wide web for bands called the lampshades was eye opening! How many bands over time were called the Lampshades and will the true first band called The Lampshades please stand up! I found Lu Lu and the Lampshades out of England formed in or about 2009 – The Lampshades out of Altoona, PA started in or about 2003 – The Lampshades lounge comedy act sprang up, looks like around 2010 –  The Lampshades in Halifax, CA came into it’s own about 1998 – The Fabulous Lampshades out of Scotland look like 2011 – Lampshade out of Denmark Circa 2000 to 2009 – Aimee Mann and the Lampshades in 1988 – I have to assume there are more as I stopped searching after about 20 Google pages.

I will have to say that all The Lampshades out there have something in common – a quirky name that stands for outlandish deviant and creative behavior. I would say we are all in good company!

Our Band The Lampshades was out of the NEW YORK New wave Alternative Rock scene and started in 1978

Chime in all you Lampshades where-ever you are!

Looks like there is 8 in total named the Lampshades!