Feels Like Forever

Joezworld is the master mind behind this song collaboration. “Z” sent me the music pretty much complete and said to me, “put some lyric’s to it”. Literally the first time I heard the song the lyric’s pop into my head and I started singing to it. I immediately pushed the record button and bingo, I had just about all the lyric’s down and the basic phrasing. I spent the next 3 hours refining the flow and tone qualities of the lyric’s. The lyric’s I wrote was about missing someone and how I fucked up in a relationship. I  recorded, saved it and sent it back to “Z” to ask him if he liked it. It took a day or two and “Z” responded and it’s funny, he liked what I did and the lyric’s, BUT, he told me he had a totally different take on the theme of “Feels Like Forever”. “Z” said,”it’s a song about coming together rather than falling apart though arguably it’s more difficult to write lyrics about happiness than about sadness.” at that point we laid out some ground rules for long distant collaborations, tell me your thoughts on the song so we are on the same page! At the end “Z” commented, “I like that premise -go with it.” So here you go …..

Feels Like Forever

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Cover photo by: Nikko Macaspac nikko macaspac@nikkotations