A new compiled record of some great bands with fantastic music from Aldora Britain Records. When you want to hear good new music from underground independent unsigned artists – You need to lock into Aldora Britain Records on Bandcamp. There are not many promoters of underground independent unsigned artists, Aldora Britain Records is one of them that really does promote for the love of the music. So many genres from rock, country, blues, heavy metal, progressive and on and on, Aldora just keeps doing what it does best – promoting good music.!

25 various artist tracks on this new release and of course Aldo Buzzi has a song included Track #14

Click on any of the song hyperlinks below –it will lead you right to Bandcamp to preview each song!


1.Will Leet – Satan & The Sailor 04:16
2.Lord Sonny The Unifier – The Starman 03:35
3.The Dogrocket Blues Band – Rusty Train 05:35
4.Joel David Weir – Tower Of Hurt 04:33
5.Jeremy Beggs – Winter’s Town 04:10
6.J.M. Baule – Soroll De Timbals 03:56
7.Josie Bello – Magic Of The Music 05:00
8.Darksoft – Such Is Life 03:57
9.Nicky Click – Life Cycle 02:49
10.Post Galazer – Mansandia 03:16
11.The Naked Lunch – Crying Shame 02:13
12.Dick Pistol – Night Ballad 01:43
13.Troy Bentley – Family 05:11
14.Aldo Buzzi – Weeeeeeeeee 03:44
15.Hello London – Rolling 03:50
16.Conomor – Flower City Groove 03:14
17.Q Shaq – Freedom Blast 2022 05:06
18.Daughter Of The Water – Imbole 03:18
19.Daniel Green – Bitch To Blame 03:44
20.Eric Alden Smith – Godsleep 03:52
21.Lewis Brennan – Erin 03:17
22.Paolo G. – Dreamin’ (49) 02:36
23.Bad Taste – Toes 03:12
24.Optical Sun – SOS/Save Our Souls 08:02
25.Ancestral Dusk – Miseria 10:18

Thank You



Aldora Britain Records and Thomas Hilton

I would like to first and foremost thank all the fans for listening, liking and saving Aldo music on their digital platforms and playlists. I super appreciate it and thank you. I do this to share my music with whomever enjoys it. I hope it always brings you good vibes, fun and reflection.

A HUGE Thank You!

As you get older it’s not about making it a commercial success, it’s really about the creativity and the music. It’s about supporting good musicians, artists and creative people that makes it all worthwhile. Independent artists need your help to get their music and artistry out to the masses, we are not the Taylor Swifts of the world that can spend millions on promotional advertising and clog up the airwaves with the repeating drum of commercial musical trash that exists today. There are so many underground bands and solo artists that are producing meaningful music from experimental, to rock to pop to techno to rap to blues to jazz and to the yet to be discovered sounds yet to be heard.

Keep on supporting independent Artist

Keep your mind open and enjoy life!!!


Good music for good people

Aldo Buzzi’s “Wild Cat” will be featured on the Gunslingers & Outlaws Show (Tuesday 8th and Friday 11th November)

The Gunslingers & Outlaws Most Wanted Rock Show is the foremost show for brand new indie rock and it is the opening show of our ROCK NIGHT every Tuesday! It will be aired this coming Tuesday 8th November at 6 – 8pm GMT (i.e. 1pm EST, 10am PST) & also Friday 11th November at 8pm PST. Look for our the tweets and be sure to spread the word and join in the fun!

The awesome line-up includes (in running order): SAMMM., Iron Asparagus, bandwithoutband, Jim Basnight, Phillip Foxley, Sonafide, Krash Riders, PG Naylor, Matt Saxton, William Is, CHAFE!, Silence in Surrender, Wannacries, Australasia, 3’s and 7’s, Earlier that Night, Infamous Stiffs, Liberty’s Exiles, Forthemorningafter, The Retro Shift, Destiny Unraveled, Séraphin, The Sugar Petals, Axminster, James Brothers, JACK ADAMANT, Aldo Buzzi, The Vulcan Straight, Lugh, Tom Markey, Nick Duane & Govey/Matthew!

Remember you can catch the show at radiowigwam.co.uk, SmartSpeaker, TuneIn and much more!

See you then! Radio Wigwam


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A new release!!!

She’s a wild cat – she’ll rip your heart out and leave you for dead

that cat nip has gone to her head

She’s a WILD CAT!

Back from my day’s at the New York city club scene – Max’s Kansas City, The Mudd Club and CBGB’s A straight forward rock song with some punkish overtones –

A catchy guitar riff, drums and a bass guitar thats it

Get your Wild Cat on!