Andy Blinx

Intense Molecular Activity

In the midst of recording groups such as John Zorn, Sonic Youth, Liquid Liquid, Glen Branca and many others, Don Hunerberg and Andy Blinx found time to hone their own unique sound and version of Post Punk, No wave, Synth Wave with the tools of the trade of the early eighties. Situated above the proscenium of the Radio City Music Hall stage, the studio was outfitted with a variety of orchestral instruments. 4 of these tracks were released on a fexi-disk in 1980. Those and an additional eight are heard on their 2008 release “now again for the first time”.

Battery Life


The original source of the music bed for the DJ Hell hit single “Keep On Waiting” The band Intense Molecular Activity released a 4 song flexidisc in 1980 and released a CD with 8 more songs from the original sessions in 2008.



Sorry to say Andy has passed away a few short years ago and he is missed for his inventiveness and creativity

R.I.P Andy George (Blinx)