My Father’s Place

My Father’s Place, Roslyn (Long Island) New York

This was one of our local clubs that shuttered in 1987 – My Band the Lampshades played there, if i remember correctly in 1984 among many other bands I worked with and played with. There was also a club right across the street called the Little Club that we also played at in which was a very small place thus the name, ‘”The Little Club”.

I am always a little dubious about trying to reincarnate an iconic club, for some reason it never can capture the way it was before and most of the time it’s more about the people that were there at that time and space then the place itself. I really hope it works out for them as we need new progressive venues that cater to indie bands and music to be showcased. God knows there isn’t many of them around.

I copied the article below

My Father’s Place, the legendary club that brought the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, the Ramones and U2 (The Lampshades -LOL)to Roslyn until it closed in 1987, will rock once again next spring. Michael “Eppy” Epstein, who founded the club on Bryant Avenue in 1971, confirmed Monday that he had signed an agreement to reopen the club in The Roslyn Hotel. “I want to do stuff that no one else is doing,” Epstein said. “I want to give people a live music experience unlike anything else on Long Island.” My Father’s Place at The Roslyn Hotel will feature both a supper club with a capacity of 200 for established national acts and an upscale restaurant with a capacity for 60 that will have a small stage for up-and-coming artists. Once renovations are completed, Epstein said he expects to present more than 150 shows a year in the space. And he plans to call on acts who played at the original My Father’s Place early in their careers — from Sting to Billy Crystal — to see if they want to come back to do something special at My Father’s Place at The Roslyn Hotel. Epstein also hopes that fans of the old club will return. “It’s a continuation of the business,” Epstein said. “If you were 18 when you went to My Father’s Place, you’re 50-something or 60-something now and you want a place with a nice tablecloth, a nice chair and an intimate concert performance.” Epstein said the new venue will be a joint venture with The Roslyn Hotel’s new owners and outside investors.

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The New Digs for “My Fathers Place” 

I hope they can capture the magic once again that was, “MY FATHER’S PLACE”