You Gave it All Away

You gave it all away

I find it hard to bare that you left and didn’t care

I tried to talk to you, I was getting no where

We had the best of times though you never showed a sign

I ran around in circles while you, you drew the line

I had to call you up, but I knew you were not home

But I had to hear it ring then I knew you didn’t care

You gave it all away

Never did ya see my eyes, did you even ever look

Seeing my pool of tears, feel my joys and my fears

This is the final note that wasn’t ever played

My heart and love for you will never ever fade

You gave it all away

A song written with my band mates from Vinyl Flesh
Lyric’s by Aldo Buzzi and sung by Aldo
Cover Photo by:  Doug Kelley –