Excitement for 2018

Happy New Year – It’s going to be EXCITING!  

Yes!  – It will be an exciting 2018! Why, you may ask? 

Well, I have been working feverishly on a new project since the release of the first CD, “TEST DRIVE RAW”. I have been working with a few musician friends – Kimo and JoeZworld. Kimo is in my neighborhood so it’s easy for him and I to get together and jam and write. Mr “Z” on the other hand is down in Florida, so we are trading off on idea’s and sending files back and fourth to be worked on. All in all we are looking to release another CD sometime in the first 6 months of 2018. The name of the album will be, “Eclectic Collaborations”. Looking at 14 brand new songs with a bonus track for a total of 15. Will be working on the finishing touches after the 1st of the year and the CD cover art design. Can’t wait to share as there are some really good music that we put together that i’m sure you will enjoy listening too. Hopefully, I can also complete a few video’s to go along with the release.

So stay tuned in, it’s going to be an exciting 2018!