Heavy guitar licks and repetitive vocal lines leads this song as an anthem to the fight. The struggle of the every day that can be overcome if you fight through it. The every man’s mantra to persevere in all life’s adversities. Listen and get inspired to drive on and fight the fight to the end.

Fighting Man Song

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Cover Photo be: Jesse orrico jesseorrico.com

Not just another broken heart love song. Strong guitar licks and a interesting guitar lead makes this song unique. I started writing this song almost 2 years ago and came back to it numerous times but just couldn’t get it the way I wanted it. Then one night I started flipping through my library of unfinished songs and came upon this lead guitar riff that struck me, “This will fit in this song”. The next few hours I worked it into the melody and worked out the basic lyrics – It took me another 3 months from that time to get to the finished song, “Stolen Away”. Hope you enjoy it!

I Know you’re going away – My love you’re throwing away – I can’t convince you to stay – My heart you’ve stolen away

Stolen Away


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Cover photo by: Gaelle Marcel@gaellemm

Intense Molecular Activity

In the midst of recording groups such as John Zorn, Sonic Youth, Liquid Liquid, Glen Branca and many others, Don Hunerberg and Andy Blinx found time to hone their own unique sound and version of Post Punk, No wave, Synth Wave with the tools of the trade of the early eighties. Situated above the proscenium of the Radio City Music Hall stage, the studio was outfitted with a variety of orchestral instruments. 4 of these tracks were released on a fexi-disk in 1980. Those and an additional eight are heard on their 2008 release “now again for the first time”.

Battery Life


The original source of the music bed for the DJ Hell hit single “Keep On Waiting” The band Intense Molecular Activity released a 4 song flexidisc in 1980 and released a CD with 8 more songs from the original sessions in 2008.



Sorry to say Andy has passed away a few short years ago and he is missed for his inventiveness and creativity

R.I.P Andy George (Blinx)


Have you heard of an older band from Bay City in Michigan, “Question Mark and the Mysterians”? They were kinda a one hit wonder back in the early mid 60’s. Actually if you read up on that band, some say they were kinda the precursor to early punk bands with a very different and unique sound. When I was working at the Mudd club in New York City as the production manager, Steve Maas (owner of the Mudd Club) had booked the band to play on a Saturday night. I distinctly remember the hit song 96 tears and loved the Farfisa organ in the song and the texture and sound that added to make the song great. When writing shake it, that organ riff type and sound stuck with me as I incorporate  a similar sound style into this song called Shake It. It really has an upbeat tempo and very danceable and just plan friggin fun. Listen to the words, I call my baby, sweetheart, darling and the best line towards the end of the song, ” just like dripping honey!”

Enjoy and Dance to this Youtube Music Clip of


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Putting together the final touches to my next project, “Eclectic Collaborations”. Working on the cover art design and final content media on the CD package. I started working on this project right after the release of the “Test Drive RAW” CD. It’s been in the works for approximately 7 months. I have 14 songs on the CD with collaborative efforts from Kimo (guitar, vocals, harmonica, and percussion) and Joezworld (2 songs in which “Z” played all instruments and I added lyrics and vocals). Joezworld also contributed the art work for the front and back cover and the background art. Very excited to finish the project and release by the end of February. Will also have a few video’s to coincide with the release.

Can’t wait!



This song was written when my daughter and her husband bought a new house and left our home after living with us for a few years. It was a bitter sweet moment, but I felt this empty feeling inside of me as we did love having them at our home daily. They only moved about 15 miles away in a new house that they purchased and I’m so very happy for them that they are now on a road to start a new chapter in their lives.

This song came out of me a few days after they had just left.

“So many Empty Feelings”

Featured Photo by: Ian Keefe  – https://unsplash.com/@iankeefe


I remember Keith at the Mudd Club. The club had a few floors, the basement was where the bands would be hanging out before they were going on stage. The first floor was where the bar, stage and dance floor presided, the 4th floor was an art gallery in were I first met Keith. At the time he wasn’t really a known commodity as of yet, but a hell of a nice mild mannered guy. My partner Bill and I used to go up to the 4th floor to hang out between bands or just to get away from the level of noise and craziness that was on the bottom floors. For the most part, unless there was some in-prompt to event going on it was seemingly quiet on that floor. We used to hang with Keith and talk, were he came from, how did he get to New York City, when did he get into art, his likes and dislikes and so on. One time we were kidding around with Keith and Bill asked him to draw a dog humping on a napkin. I asked Bill if he still had it, he said he would have to look as it was a long time ago and who would know that Keith would be an Icon in the art world after he died in 1990 of HIV/AIDS at the age of 31.  If Bill finds the napkin, I will post it.

Some comets traverse the universe and come back around for a few spins around the sun, and some comets just burn out way to soon and leave behind a tail of stardust to admire and wonder, “what if.”


My CD, “Aldo Buzzi -Test Drive RAW” has gotten some good Radio airplay and is getting some notice oversea’s. Countries like Japan, Israel, Australia, Philippines and Taiwan are leading the way with many plays and downloads. Here in North America, the United States is leading the way and I would personally like to thank everyone in the states for listening and downloading my music with Canada and Mexico right behind the US and getting some great play with Test Drive.

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Available for download on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Jango Radio 




Finding some of my old band mates, as I have lost contact with them over the years, has been a new pursuit of mine in the past few years. With the use of social media, I have been able to track down a few of them. I have re-connected with Gary Sabshon the last drummer from the Lampshades-in which I was able to go over to his house and jam it up a bit. Although compared to him, (he’s been playing all the time) I was a bit on the rusty side, but fun never the less.

Gary Sabshon
Gary Sabshon Far Right Then! Also Gary Citro (middle) and Ken Kern (between the 2 Gary’s)


Gary Sabshon Now!

I have recently this year have been able to re-connect with a band mate from the Vinyl Flesh Band, Joe “Z” World (Joe Menghini). He currently lives in Florida, he is a very accomplished artist and still plays and writes music at a prolific clip.                                  Go to Pinterest.com link to see some of his art work:                            https://in.pinterest.com/guitarizt/  “Z” and I have been trading music clips and stay tuned for an upcoming CD I’m working on that will have a collaboration of music from “Z” and myself. Don’t currently have a photo of “Z” now–but here is a picture of him then!

image5 (7)
Joe “Z world”

I have also been able to get in contact with Gary Citro (Keyboards), Pete Fagiola (Drums & Percussion) 2 of the original members of The Lampshades and Chris Connolly one of the drummers from Vinyl Flesh. Gary is a music school teacher, I think Pete owns a restaurant and still play’s and composes, Chris is an avid bike rider!

Here are some current pictures of Gary, Pete and Chris Connolly:

Gary Citro
Pete Fagiola
Chris Connolly

Have not been able to re-connect with Ken Kern whom I really miss, as he is a hell of a guitar player and just a sweetheart!

Also another band mate, that sorry to say has passed away Any Blinx.

Andy Blinx