100 Blog Posts !

What do you do when you reach 100 Blog Posts! For one thing you look towards the next 100 posts and how you can interest and spark creative thinking, writing and reading.

I started this website a few years back with the specific intention to promote my music, art and share interesting stories about my career in the arts and music. That’s how I got to 100 blog post’s sharing my talents for others to enjoy.

I have been working feverishly on my new album release for more than a year and i’m looking to share this labor of sound to the masses sometime in late spring, early summer. This album I have been exploring some new sounds, styles and techniques that I really like. This will be all me from beginning to end, except for one song in which my friend Kimo plays electric and acoustic guitar on. Right now i’m putting the finishing touches on the music and looking to start the album cover artwork design. I have some great idea’s (in which I think you will enjoy) for some video’s to go along with the release. I actually bought a new Hofner bass for 2 songs on the album to change up the bass sound from my old standby Fender Jazz Bass. A few of the songs I have incorporated some cool electronic midi instruments plus the small but versatile Maschina Mini MK3. This new album has many influences, some from my past similar to early Genesis and some that came right out of the early late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Rock, New wave and Punk era’s. I played around with my vocals on many songs, although it’s still me through and through, but some nice twists and turns that will strike a fancy or two. 12 songs in all with only 2 full instrumentals, i’m excited about this release. I’m hoping to give you all a tease with a video short soon, but I can’t promise you when.

“This is My Life – I Welcome you too it”

Cover Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash