Heavy guitar licks and repetitive vocal lines leads this song as an anthem to the fight. The struggle of the every day that can be overcome if you fight through it. The every man’s mantra to persevere in all life’s adversities. Listen and get inspired to drive on and fight the fight to the end.

Fighting Man Song

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Cover Photo be: Jesse orrico jesseorrico.com

Not just another broken heart love song. Strong guitar licks and a interesting guitar lead makes this song unique. I started writing this song almost 2 years ago and came back to it numerous times but just couldn’t get it the way I wanted it. Then one night I started flipping through my library of unfinished songs and came upon this lead guitar riff that struck me, “This will fit in this song”. The next few hours I worked it into the melody and worked out the basic lyrics – It took me another 3 months from that time to get to the finished song, “Stolen Away”. Hope you enjoy it!

I Know you’re going away – My love you’re throwing away – I can’t convince you to stay – My heart you’ve stolen away

Stolen Away


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Cover photo by: Gaelle Marcel@gaellemm

Come everyone!

We need all our friends, family, next of kin, your next door neighbor, the guy panhandling on the street, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your kids,-SHIT we need everyone to help make this a success story and share the love and the music.

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Eclectic Collaborations
Eclectic Collaborations






Today it is the release of my 2nd album “Eclectic Collaborations”. The single, “Surfing” with a video was just released last Saturday the 10th. The album will be distributed on CDbaby, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, AWA, Google Music Store, iHeart Radio, Pandora, SHAZAM, Slacker Radio, YouTube Music, Jango Radio among many others worldwide. Click on the CDbaby link below to purchase the CD or for digital download through CDbaby.


We should have some digital distributors releasing today – but keep checking with your favorite download site – Key word lookup “Aldo Buzzi”

Eclectic Collaborations
Eclectic Collaborations


Enjoy the Music!