Heavy guitar licks and repetitive vocal lines leads this song as an anthem to the fight. The struggle of the every day that can be overcome if you fight through it. The every man’s mantra to persevere in all life’s adversities. Listen and get inspired to drive on and fight the fight to the end.

Fighting Man Song

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Cover Photo be: Jesse orrico jesseorrico.com

Knowledge is Power is one of my favorite songs on the album. The heavy guitar riff leading into the vocals just works so well. The lyrics are interesting as the main guitar riff lends itself to the key vocal line, “knowledge is power”. The full lyric verses were a little more difficult to come up with. I knew what I wanted to convey and say but I could not come up with the words to convey it. Thus, let’s go to google and put in the phrase, “Knowledge is Power”. So many different idea’s started to form around that phrase. The actual phrase was formulated by philosopher Francis Bacon during the time of Enlightenment. I was immersed in many different ways to convey “Knowledge is Power” but now I had to make the words fit into the song and for it to make sense (at least to me). After I got the first verse down and the phrasing to the music, it all clicked and fit in. One of my favorite lines in the song is, “Putting our knowledge we know, In the hands of machines”. The guitar lead comes after the 3rd verse, it follows the acoustic guitar and then comes in heavy and eclectic. Listen to the words as the meanings are profound.

Knowledge is POWER

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Cover photo by: Roman Kraft@romankraft