The 4th song on “This is My Life” inspired by the Paul McCartney album “Egypt Station”. There is one song on Paul’s album that I really liked that was, I guess the most commercial successful song on that album, “Come On to Me”. I enjoyed the back and fourth melody’s that inspired me to right this song–Laughingly I first called the song Come On Paul McCartney – Well obviously I changed the name of the song to Come On Come On.

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Cover Photo by Jestoni Dadis on Unsplash

As promised every few days I will do a video to speak about each song on my new album release “This is My Life”. I will talk a bit about the idea’s for each song, when I wrote it, some back ground notes and story about each song. This first video is about the title track of the album appropriately named as the title “This is My Life”.

This will all lead up to the release of the album on June 15th. The album will be available on Spotify, Itunes, Youtube Music among many other download sites. It will also be available in CD on

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Looks like we are shooting for a June 15th release date of

Aldo Buzzi – “This is My Life”

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 Shake It BABY!

Nice organ parts with an upbeat tempo and very dance-able and just plan frigging fun. Listen to the words, as I call my baby, sweetheart, darling and the best line towards the end of the song, ” just like dripping honey!” – Let me know if you can, “Shake It!”

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Cover photo by: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Plink is an experimental instrumental song -specifically done to be for this stop motion video I put together. It was a spur of the moment idea of art and music coming together over the course of one evening. It took me a total of about 6 hours to create without a storyboard. Just a thought in my head and a recorded soundtrack to inspire creativity. All done on an Ipad, a string of pearls on the kitchen table with a green screen background.

Please Enjoy


Plink is a music blip in the universe created with stop motion video 

Yes –you heard it

Starting some new projects

You might ask what are you doing now Aldo Buzzi?

My thoughts are with this project is to explore many genres and styles of music I have not done before. I like to experiment and I think a lot of my music is based on different styles.

You may disagree and I would welcome comments on what do you think?                          Is Aldo Music different in some ways or do I have a distinct style?

I’ve been recently listening to Sirius radio, “Little Stevens Underground Garage”. They have been playing a lot of older, but great stuff that you don’t hear on just about all of the regular radio channels.

I also like Latin beats and rhythms, I think i’ll add some of that in too. I want to bring in some different vocal styles and have some musician friends sing on some songs, I think that would also add some different textures to my songs. Some many idea’s, running through my head, I just have to tackle them one at a time and develop them into credible music.

So let’s take this date of May 18th 2018 and use it as a jumping off point for this project to officially begin. I’m thinking we are looking at a early 2019 release, give or take a few months, you never know as I already have 2 songs in the hopper that I really like. They both just need a little more work and refining.

1st song is “The Women in My Life”

2nd song is “U  R  I  AM”

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My New release, “Aldo Buzzi -Eclectic Collaborations” has gotten some good Radio airplay and is getting some notice oversea’s in countries like Japan, Israel, Australia, UK, Philippines and Taiwan are leading the way with many plays and downloads. Here in North America, the United States is leading the way and I would personally like to thank everyone in the states for listening and downloading my music with Canada and Mexico right behind the US with some great play.

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What a wild time in my life working and playing at the Mudd Club! My partner Bill and I through our sound system company Centour Sound became the production managers of the club after John Kessler was done doing his stint as the production manager. Just before John left we had the extreme pleasure of John, Bill and I working together to work with Frank Zappa who played the Mudd Club! We brought in extra equipment and a bigger mixing console to accommodate his band. Terry Bozzio was on the drums at that time. That was a thrill to work with a master in such a small venue. There is a sketchy bootleg, sounds to me like someone had a cassette tape recorder and taped it in the midst of the crowd. The recording is on you tube, I included the link – I remember that Frank had his own sound person do a recording right from the board, so that must be available somewhere in some Zappa archive.

We worked with a lot of different bands & artists from Samba to Punk, experimental to down right BAD–fashion shows and you name it everything in between. DJ’s Anita Sarko (who has passed away in 2015) and DJ David Azarch made the club hum, jump and jive into the wee hours of the morning. In which we usually ended up going to an after hours club and came out squinting as the sun was fully out and blaring while we were going home and watching the rest of the world just going to work.  I will add more Mudd Club memories in my blog as time goes by – Keith Herring, Johnny Thunders, Question Mark and the Mysterians, Sam and Dave, John Belushi, wow and so many – so stay tuned in! –