It’s been a good year for me and my music. I have explored new genre’s and bought some new equipment to further my experimental voyages into the realm of  music and sound. And frankly I don’t give a fuck if the music takes me into a world of what people think it should be as this is my outlet and one of my art forms that makes my life fulfilled.

It is so interesting from when I first started playing back in the 70’s to where I am today. Everything is at my fingertips and I don’t need to have other musicians to play all the parts. Although, nothing can replace that feeling of playing in a band with good musicians with you and being on stage, be it playing for a small audience or  large audience it’s is still so exhilarating and fun.

I just recently obtained the Maschine Mirko MK3. What a cool piece of equipment! I immediately started playing around with it and produced a nice progressive uplifting instrumental. ( Take a listen – click on link below)

Whimsy 2

Working on my 3rd album in the last 2 years in which I hope to have finished some time in late spring. As said before, at my age and time in my life it’s all about the music in me and sharing with whom ever wants to listen. It’s always strange that as life moves on your priorities change as mortality faces you (not that i’m going to die hopefully anytime soon – LOL), but you don’t have that young man’s fancy of acquiring fame anymore, if it happens that’s a bonus now. You just want to leave a mark somewhere that you contributed to the progression of art, beauty and music. It’s like some old blue’s player that played back in the day and some where at some time some one heard a recording of a song or of him playing and said -wow that was fantastic and appreciated the talent.

Keep checking on Aldo Buzzi as we keep progressing


May you be happy and healthy and a little more wiser