I’m super excited as tomorrow June 15th the album “Aldo Buzzi -This is My Life” is set to be release on digital downloads and in CD format.

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The Muse is song #11 on the album, a song from inspiration, your inner muse. A song reminiscent from my early Genesis influences. The lyric’s brings you into mythology, although it sparks some conflict with your own muse and what inspires you. Nice celestial flowing music with a beautiful middle interlude. –

Still time to pre-save on Spotify – click the link –  https://show.co/wVgy0XJ

Yes –you heard it

Starting some new projects

You might ask what are you doing now Aldo Buzzi?

My thoughts are with this project is to explore many genres and styles of music I have not done before. I like to experiment and I think a lot of my music is based on different styles.

You may disagree and I would welcome comments on what do you think?                          Is Aldo Music different in some ways or do I have a distinct style?

I’ve been recently listening to Sirius radio, “Little Stevens Underground Garage”. They have been playing a lot of older, but great stuff that you don’t hear on just about all of the regular radio channels.

I also like Latin beats and rhythms, I think i’ll add some of that in too. I want to bring in some different vocal styles and have some musician friends sing on some songs, I think that would also add some different textures to my songs. Some many idea’s, running through my head, I just have to tackle them one at a time and develop them into credible music.

So let’s take this date of May 18th 2018 and use it as a jumping off point for this project to officially begin. I’m thinking we are looking at a early 2019 release, give or take a few months, you never know as I already have 2 songs in the hopper that I really like. They both just need a little more work and refining.

1st song is “The Women in My Life”

2nd song is “U  R  I  AM”

Keep on logging in to the site – I will keep everyone updated