In My Dreams is a bit autobiographical, written with my wife in mind. Certain lines like, “Now it’s just the two of us” is about our children that are now grown up with lives of their own and we only have each other. The chorus is my admiration for my wife and our love together, how I will be true and always love you. The dichotomy of the song is the guitar lead that I wanted Kimo to come up with in which it is similar to Chris Isaak’s, “Wicked Game” lead guitar riff, as I just loved that guitar riff. In wicked game Chris Isaak sings (I really wish I had his voice) just about the opposite of what I’m singing about. Although if you watched the video for “Wicked Game”, he’s making love through most of it with this beautiful babe, Helena Christensen. But he sings about her making him fall in love with her and how wicked that is by her to do that to him and ends with, Nobody loves no one. In My Dreams is a melodic love song with smooth flowing music ending with the subtle rumbling of waves slowly caressing the shoreline.

In My Dreams

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