As I stated in my Happy New Year post – working on my 3rd album in the last 3 years in which I hope to have finished and released some time in late spring. It will be a 12 song album with some great songs (well, at least I think it will have great songs, hope you will to). I think you will find on this album a more polished and distinct sound that has developed over the past few years. I have started to think about the art work for the cover and a name for the album. I also have a bunch of idea’s for a few video’s that will co-inside with the release of the album. Started to work on the story boards for the video’s as the video’s are a lot harder for me to produce then the music itself. The visual’s have to be right and it’s difficult to get really the production I want as I have limited resources at my disposal.

So stay up to date with the progression of my new album.                                               In the meantime – keep checking in and enjoy my release from last year.

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The Complete album “Eclectic Collaborations”

Ok that’s a headline and a half.

What the hell do I, Aldo Buzzi have to do with Jackson Pollack a famous Abstract Expressionist? Well, I must say not that much except I love his work and his art studio farm house on the east end of Long Island. His home happens to be about a 45 minute drive from my home. One more thing that many of you might not know, No, I am not the illegitimate son, grandson or great grandson of a fling Jackson might have had. No, I am not a long lost relative from a distant cousin from his fathers mothers side (although that might have made a interesting story). There is something on the album, Aldo Buzzi, Test Drive “RAW” that came from Jackson Pollack.

On one of my road trips to the Jackson Pollack/Lee Krasner house many years ago before the tourist barrage took the place over and now you have a hard time getting in or getting a tour of the place. My wife and I was enjoying a Saturday out and was in his back barn studio where he did most of his work. Years ago when they were renovating the studio barn there was these game board masonite tiles that covered the wood floor. During the renovation they had removed these tiles and lo and behold the wood floor exposed an unlikely master piece of Pollack that was undiscovered before. The splatter of his paintings covered the floor, and as in his paintings the floor came to life with color and motion. Taken back by the floor, I took some pictures of different area’s of the floor, that to me was like getting my own Jackson Pollack at a reasonable price, Free!!!. When I was working on the art design for the back cover of my album, I took one of those pictures and made it the back cover, background art of the album. It fit perfectly and added a nice touch to the album art.

Below is the picture and the back cover it was made into.

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The Complete Album – Aldo Buzzi- Test Drive “RAW”

You gave it all away

I find it hard to bare that you left and didn’t care

I tried to talk to you, I was getting no where

We had the best of times though you never showed a sign

I ran around in circles while you, you drew the line

I had to call you up, but I knew you were not home

But I had to hear it ring then I knew you didn’t care

You gave it all away

Never did ya see my eyes, did you even ever look

Seeing my pool of tears, feel my joys and my fears

This is the final note that wasn’t ever played

My heart and love for you will never ever fade

You gave it all away

A song written with my band mates from Vinyl Flesh
Lyric’s by Aldo Buzzi and sung by Aldo
Cover Photo by:  Doug Kelley –

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“Soldiers of Death” 

 This is the only instrumental on the album

Here is a link below to CDbaby to purchase the download or th CD

Cover photo by HolKapil Dubey@kapildubey

I sure did pull this one out of my ass!!! Some where in between and for the life of me I don’t remember the time line on this one. Ken, Myself and a drummer named Tim started a trio to see if we could play the local bar circuit to earn some pocket change. I was rummaging through my cassette tapes the other day and low and behold, I found this musty old practice recording tape of this band (I’m pretty sure Gary joined in at one point as there is keyboards on this recording). I don’t even think we had a name for the band but we did have quite an eclectic repertoire of songs that we played.  The Stones, “Brown Sugar”, David Bowie’s, “Suffragette city”, Jimi Hendrix, “Fire” were just a few songs in which we were doing at the time. If my memory serves me right, we never did play out any where either, but Ken and I brought these songs to the Lampshades and when the Lampshades first started playing the bar circuit on Long Island, New York – we were playing a lot of cover music and only a few originals. Reality was to play the bar circuit on Long Island you really had no choice but to play covers to get your foot in the door just to get a gig and earn a little cash, albeit not much after the bar tab was rung up.

Here is “The Rolling Stones” and our unnamed band version of Brown Sugar 


Cover Photo by: Maria Badasian

This was a very late night recording at the bar Heckle and Jeckle’s on Long Island, New York. I always had our sound man throw a mic out and hook up the cassette recorder to tape the performance. Funny to say cassette recorder, now that is really dating the times. This recording is towards the end of the Lampshades tenure as a band. We were still playing out a lot but the band started going into different directions and band mates started pursuing different parts in their lives. I remember Ken got married, I started to lose interest and frankly we all just faded out and stopped playing as the band ,”The Lampshades”. When we played out at bars and clubs we still incorporated some cover music that we liked and had fun with. This song “Mustang Sally” is a rhythm and blues (R&B) song written and first recorded by Mack Rice in 1965. Ken really liked this song and it was a fun song to play and sing on stage. Ken did the lead vocals and myself, Gary and Jim did the back up vocals. Really liked the harmonies and as said we just had fun playing it – Listen at the end of the recording you will identify that there was only a few souls left in audience at the bar as it was the last song of the last set of the night.



Cover photo by: Darren Nunis

It’s been a good year for me and my music. I have explored new genre’s and bought some new equipment to further my experimental voyages into the realm of  music and sound. And frankly I don’t give a fuck if the music takes me into a world of what people think it should be as this is my outlet and one of my art forms that makes my life fulfilled.

It is so interesting from when I first started playing back in the 70’s to where I am today. Everything is at my fingertips and I don’t need to have other musicians to play all the parts. Although, nothing can replace that feeling of playing in a band with good musicians with you and being on stage, be it playing for a small audience or  large audience it’s is still so exhilarating and fun.

I just recently obtained the Maschine Mirko MK3. What a cool piece of equipment! I immediately started playing around with it and produced a nice progressive uplifting instrumental. ( Take a listen – click on link below)

Whimsy 2

Working on my 3rd album in the last 2 years in which I hope to have finished some time in late spring. As said before, at my age and time in my life it’s all about the music in me and sharing with whom ever wants to listen. It’s always strange that as life moves on your priorities change as mortality faces you (not that i’m going to die hopefully anytime soon – LOL), but you don’t have that young man’s fancy of acquiring fame anymore, if it happens that’s a bonus now. You just want to leave a mark somewhere that you contributed to the progression of art, beauty and music. It’s like some old blue’s player that played back in the day and some where at some time some one heard a recording of a song or of him playing and said -wow that was fantastic and appreciated the talent.

Keep checking on Aldo Buzzi as we keep progressing


May you be happy and healthy and a little more wiser 

 “In My Dreams”

In My Dreams is the #10 on the Eclectic Collaborations Album. The video In My Dreams is a bit autobiographical, written with my wife in mind. Certain lines like, “Now it’s just the two of us” is about our children that are now grown up with lives of their own and we only have each other. The chorus is my admiration for my wife and our love together, how I will be true and always love you. The dichotomy of the song is the guitar lead that I wanted Kimo to come up with in which it is similar to Chris Isaak’s, “Wicked Game” lead guitar riff, as I just loved that guitar riff. In My Dreams is a melodic love song with smooth flowing music ending with the subtle rumbling of neon waves.

Cover photo by: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash
Thanks to the Photographers at Unsplash
Jon Tyson, Frank McKenna, Everton Uila, Kaitlyn Baket, Lorenzo Di Cristina, Sabina Ciesielska, Toa Hefliba, Rmin Khatibi, Clem Onojeghuo, Josh Rockledge, Max Hofsetter, Zoe Holling, Chinh Le Duc, WmVan T Einde, Casey Lee, Ulses Baga,           Fssac Mehegan